Saturday, February 16, 2008

After 2 weeks of treatments

I have had 10 radiation treatments thus far. The treatments are very easy lasting only about 15 minutes each, with radiation being administered in 7 separate beams lasting 10-18 seconds each. No pain, discomfort or problem with the treatments. They each start with two X-rays to align the beams with the gold seeds in my prostate.

After the initial anxiety about what the process would do for me and the questions about whether I had chosen the right treatment I have adopted the attitude that this is a good choice, that the radiation is a positive to treat my cancer and that I will not second guess myself.

Side effects thus far are that urination is more frequent at night, especially early in the sleep as I wake every hour or two. This compares with the pre-treatment pattern of 1-2 times per night. Urination is painless but is slower and emptying the bladder is harder with the need to wait longer to complete. Bowel movements have become a little looser as well. I am told that orgasms will be "dry" as the prostate will no longer generate the fluids that they did before. So far they are feeling less complete than before, I assume due to the lessening of seminal fluids being produced.

Other than that I feel fine with no sense of fatigue thus far. I plan to ask the doctor about whether the urination frequency will change after the treatments are over.

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